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Board of Directors

John M. Jurasin—CEO, President And Chairman Of The Board

The CEO of Radiant began his career in the technical sciences of oil and gas exploration and development with major and independent oil companies for 9 years before launching a career as an independent oil and gas producer, Jurasin Oil & Gas, where he conceivedof, successfully funded and developed numerous oil and gas projects in the Gulf of Mexico area both onshore and offshore. As the President of an independent oil and gas company for over 17 years he has become intimately knowledgeable with contract law, finance, land/legal and business practices in the furtherance of the company’s goals and objectives. He founded Radiant Oil & Gas 11 years ago by merging Jurasin Oil & Gas into Radiant Oil and Gas, Inc. on the Over The Counter(OTC) market with the goal being membership to the New York Stock Exchange(NYSE). Over his career Mr. Jurasin has raised committed capital of over $350 million dollars which was used to developthe many projects of Radiant and its predecessor organization.

Mr. Jurasin began his 37 year career as a development geologist for Getty Oil Company where he developed Getty’s oil and gas fields in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama both on and offshore. He furthered his career with Texaco, McMoRan Oil and Gas, TaylorEnergy and LLOG before becoming an Independent Oil and Gas company. During his career he has developed and intimate knowledge in petroleum geology, geophysical interpretation, reservoir engineering, land/legal matters and finance. Mr. Jurasin earned a Bachelor degree in Geology from Rutgers University and completed his course work in the Masters program of the University of Arizona’s graduate school of Economic Geology.


Affiliations include The New Orleans Geological Society(past committee chair, member since 1980), the Lafayette Geological Society, the Society of Independent Professional Earth Scientists, Member since 1987(Certified Professional Earth Scientist #1961; Secretary,Vice-Chairman, Chairman and Director of the New Orleans chapter—recruited and served on the National Board of Directors for 3 years serving the Society’s 13 chapter cities), The American Association of Petroleum Geologists since 1980[recruited in 1990 into the Division of Professional Affairs(DPA), duly certified as a Certified Petroleum Geologist # 4284], The Dallas Geological Society, The Southern Geophysical Society, The American Petroleum Institute and the Society of Exploration Geophysicists to name a few.

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