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Corporate Profile

Radiant Oil & Gas is an independent exploration and production company focused on identifying and re-developing existing fields in the U.S. Gulf Coast region. The Company’s growth strategy is to technically reassess historically prolific projects where management can employ their extensive experience in the oil & gas industry to generate significant risk-adjusted returns.

Radiant Oil & Gas has historically been an exploration and production company but has shifted its program toward more development opportunities in established fields.  Radiant still is focused on re-developing existing fields and legacy leasehold interest in the U.S. Gulf Coast but with an emphasis now more on the Proved Developed, Proved Developed Non Producing and Proved Undeveloped categories of reserve development.  This shift to developing Proved reserves reflects the competitive nature of de risking the development program toward lower risk reserve development.  Due to the recent upheaval and now subsequent recovery in the industry the opportunities are more plentiful for low risk proven development.  This development of “low hanging fruit” assures our shareholders the ability to take advantage of the recent developments in the industry where not only are low risk development projects more available but also  drilling, completing and producing cost are equally much more competitive in this price environment.


In the future phase of industry development,  where the industry is more willing to take on more risky exploration projects, Radiant will be able to then take full advantage of its portfolio of Exploratory projects.     

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