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About Radiant Oil & Gas

Radiant Oil & Gas is an independent exploration and production company focused on identifying and re-developing existing fields on the U.S. Gulf Coast. The Company’s growth strategy is to identify historically-producing projects that still hold significant proved reserves and extract them utilizing the most advanced technology.

Radiant has over 30 years of experience from conception through production; including planning,  execution  and operating all phases of oil and gas projects throughout the Gulf Coast region.   Environments include land,  inland private and State waters and Federal waters of the Gulf of Mexico.  Radiant has extensive operational experience in all phases of land/legal, geological, geophysical and drilling and producing operations and operates its own projects.  The Company has owned, operated and managed 50,000 acres in onshore, inland waters and bays and offshore Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas for its 8 projects..

Radiant,  its personnel and its predecessor company either has or had extensive partnership relationships with over 50 major and independent partner oil and gas companies including Shell, Texaco, Exxon, Sampson, Pioneer Natural Resources, Amerada Hess, Apache, Brammer, BTA Oil & Gas, Challenger Minerals Inc., Cheniere Energy, Columbia Gas, Davis Petroleum, Helmrich & Payne, LLOG, Noble Oil & Gas, Parker & Parsley and Petro Hunt to name a few.


The Company believes that there are exceptionally priced “low hanging fruit” conventional projects that are readily accessible through its extensive network of industry contacts and is actively seeking additional opportunities to acquire onshore and inland water fields or acreage in mature hydrocarbon-rich areas.

Current Radiant Projects
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