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Radiant Oil & Gas

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Invest in a United States Oil and Gas Company to take advantage of Established IRS Oil and Gas Tax deductions as an individual investor or institution with potential high returns.  Accredited Investors and Institutions please email our Chief Communications Officer at

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Low Risk Oil Investments

Radiant Oil and Gas Inc. is a Privately Held Company. From 2010 to September 2018 Radiant was a Publicly Traded Company on the OTC Market. Radiant plans to return to the OTC Market as soon as funding is closed. Radiant specializes in acquiring and redeveloping long lived conventional onshore fields along the U.S. Gulf Coast. These historic producing projects still hold significant quantities of proven reserves that can benefit from the use of technology which was not available previously, but which can be utilized today.

Oil and Gas Investments

April 22, 2021

Radiant Q1 Update

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